In order as on the cd:

Written by: Amy Ward/Terry Silverlight

We have a good thing, a sweet thing
You treat me like the way you should
Not to mention that it sure feels good
You got me hooked on, I stay strong
Especially with that Hollywood smile
Thinking maybe that I'll stay a while

There's so much to discover
About one another
So let me start by telling it all

It's all about you, it's all about me
In the afternoon, it's where I wanna be, never separated
It's all about us, it's all about now
And I have to say that I'll never allow
For us to slip right through
It's all about you

You're such a cute guy, you're my guy
And every time I pinch myself
It's hard to believe that I'm the one off your shelf
You love my T-shirts, my long skirts
It doesn't matter how I dress
Cuz you're the only one that I wanna impress

Copyright 2004
Voxfox Music Publishing/Terry Silverlight Music Publishing/Riptide Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Dow Brain/Brad Young

Everybody gets a second chance
But I can't figure out why they're so lucky
What in the hell did I do wrong
To make my every day feel so sucky

I've been spinning around, spinning around
And I can't put my finger on it
I've been pushing ahead, pushing ahead
Still get the same old bullshit
I've been wasting time, wasting time
Thinking my life is such a bummer
Gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out
I got to find my lucky number

If something's strange and something's cruel
It always seems to linger in my doorway
If I don't know just what to do
I'll play the game, I'll play it anyway, anyway

Copyright 2003
Voxfox Music Publishing/Big Underground Music Publishing/Heavy Hitters Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Steve Buonanotte

I tried to hold onto the world between us
But I'm tired of standing in the place
That seems to look so empty
Are you with me at all

You said this is getting complicated
In your head, the walls are closing in
But I keep trying to move forward
It's not over yet

I've been giving you everything I need
And you're walking away as if you're free
I'm feeling some kind of distance
I've been taking the chances that I take
Thinking that this is about to break
Time will make you see
You'll be running back to me

Inside, I'm covered with your questions and I
Know why I've fallin faster than I've ever
You have pulled me in
To think you'll win this game

Copyright 2002
Voxfox Music Publishing/Steve Goodnight Music Publishing/Heavy Hitters Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward

Welcome to my world
Welcome to my story
Everything is stretching in every direction
And it feels hunky dory
Everyone may stare
Everyone may question
I highly doubt I'll care, I'm too happy for that
I really learned my lesson

This is a room full of answers
And I've never been scared Ôlong the way

Cuz when I wake up, I feel it inside
All these dreams are burning me alive
And when my fingers move on the grand
Nothing can stop me, of being who I am

Yes, I am alive
Yes I have been growing
Now I'm Twenty-Nine, it's the year of reflection
It feels like I'm glowing

Maybe I'm older than when I began
But I'm sure not afraid of it all

Copyright 2004
Voxfox Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Terry Silverlight

I wanna keep my eyes open
Everytime I try, I never win
Same ol' song, same ol' schedule everyday
Makes me wanna fly, far away

Been living every moment backwards
Wishing I could live another life
Hoping that my situation, it'll come
But it ain't gonna happen till I run

So, I gotta go, yeah I gotta run

Don't need my suitcase, a new place is all I want to make me happy
I'll leave my worries and hurries back home, right where they belong
I'll get the sunshine, a piece of mind, and a good friend with a lot of conversation
Cuz all that I want, all that I need is finding my destination, the way it oughta be.

There's something missing, something lacking
And I can't quite put my finger on it yet
I'm hanging on without the answer in my hands
But it feels alright to know I can

So I gotta go
Find out who I am


Looking for that clear blue sky
Searching for a reason why
I take a breath of clean fresh air
So take me there, take me there, take me to my destination

Copyright 2003
Voxfox Music Publishing, Terry Silverlight Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Frank Wurst

Oh my hands are shaking now
Rushing out the door
Facing what anticipates
And swimming to the shore
Out of range the tide comes in
Spilling all my thoughts
It's a cruel and naked world
When you hear the truth that knocks

I, I know
I, I start to collide with the words of a foe

I'm singing to the people
The people everywhere
I'm singing to the people
The uninformed, the envious
Their lives are so ambiguous
I'm singing to the people
The people everywhere
I'm singing to the people
Oh yeah

What is there inside your head
Is it full of angst
And how you counteract my flow
I'm leaning towards the hate

What you do and what you say are two completely different things
And now your head is getting bigger, bigger, bigger, oh yeah

Copyright 2005
Voxfox Music Publishing, 666 String Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Steve Buonanotte

A bridge to get us cross
It's as easy as you want it
Cuz it's a dance, it is a waltz
Keeps us moving through the chances

Every step I take is a small detachment
And all I need to know is when I'm heading out to catch it

Day by day and hour by hour
I'm living life with faith and power and I
Keep on, Keep on
But If I fail, if I lose
It's another reason for me to choose and I
Keep on, keep on

It's as simple as a song
You can feel it you can taste it
And I am ready to go on
There ain't no time for me to waste it

I'm living my life
No way will I save it
I'm living my life
Today, today, today

Copyright 2005
Voxfox Music Publishing, Steve Goodnight Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward

What do you do when everyone is moving 'round you
And it feels like you are standing still
No one seems to understand the voice of reason
But it feels like I am forced to hear, I am forced to hear

I am everything I thought I'd be, even if I'm small
There is such a deeper part of me that's begging me to crawl
And if I keep on growing, I'll keep on going through another day
There will be no more questions
Come what may

Scatter pieces of all the words that talk of chances
It has crossed my mind a thousand times
And yet I'm staring at your faces, where I should be
And I know you're here to help me find, you will help me find

Copyright 2005
Voxfox Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward

I've been running, I've been running for so long
This road it seems to get me on my way
I've been waiting, I've been waiting for the dawn
To open up my eyes and see your face

Oh now the sun is shining in
And my heart is beating fast
Oh will the morning finally
Bring you here at last, bring you here at last

What am I supposed to do when I can't see through the rain?
What am I supposed to do when I'm calling out your name?
Maybe you will hear my voice from the darkness of the sky
You will be my shelter and I'll never question why

There is a reason, there's a reason for this time
Tomorrow's just a step away from now
You are somewhere, somewhere in my mind
That helps me to forget the pain somehow

I need you here to hold my hand
When my head is hanging low
Oh will you keep me warm and
Walk me through the cold, walk me through the cold


Please understand that I can't comprehend what is happening
I'm not really sure what this feeling is for in my head
I'm starting to feel that if this becomes real I could stumble
But I know that I'll do it again and again in the end

Copyright 2002
Voxfox Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward

Tommy carried all his weight inside his head was spinning fast
Every time he tried to let it out the moment seemed to always pass
He chambered all his thoughts and smiled to everyone in view
Once in a while I'd pray for Tommy, for the boy they never knew

One winter's day he ventured out to join the fun
Snow was falling, ice was thin, the games had just begun
The neighbor kids were sledding down to the bottom of the hill
As soon as they saw Tommy coming, everyone was still

I cry sometimes for the fear in his eyes
Yes I cry sometimes, oh sometimes

Don't look, don't stare, don't even care is what he said
He'd rather slam the door and hide beneath his bed
Those little voices go away when he is fast asleep
But I can hear those monsters from his room that make him weep


Chasing after every second on the clock was ticking
The sand was sinking through the hour glass
There he stands in silence, reaching out for love to touch the hand of this old man,
The hand of this old man, but the hand of this old man don't understand.


Tommy carried all his weight inside his head was spinning fast
And every time he tried to let it out, the moment seemed to always pass.....

Copyright 2002
Voxfox Music Publishing

Written by: Amy Ward/Frank Wurst

It tastes so sweet, it tastes like wine
When your heart is beating with mine
Waited everyday for this, when we vow together
With just one kiss, just one kiss

It gives me faith, it gives me hope
When I think of the garden that we will grow
And a castle of sound
Will be built for the love that we stand

Hold my hand and hold on tight
Cuz everything is ours tonight
The earth and wind are still for us
And heaven shines a ray of trust

The day is here and tomorrow is new
A new beginning for me and you
To cherish who you are
And every moment beneath the stars

Copyright 2003
Voxfox Music Publishing, 666 String Music Publishing, Riptide Music Publishing

This song is dedicated to Bethany and Kevin Sidella.

Written by: Amy Ward/Steve Buonanotte
You come from a world unknown, where everyone's like a stone
They cannot see with eyes open
You walk with your hands untied, pretending you never tried
But underneath it, you are broken

Broken, broken from the pain

How long, will you let it slip away
Drowning, drowning under everything you've made
How long, will it beat you to the end
Tomorrow, tomorrow isn't broken just yet

So twisted all up in knots, not sure what the day has brought
Did it appear without you knowing
The sun has a thousand signs, but when you look up, you're blind
It doesn't matter if it's showing

Showing, showing from the rain


It's hard to tell you, it's hard to say
My heart is breaking, to turn out that way

Copyright 2003
Voxfox Music Publishing/Steve Goodnight Publishing, Heavy Hitters Music Publishing